Skip Survey with Fake Information

It is very boring is when you want to download a file, but must complete a survey so that the file can be downloaded. Many sites that offer software to pass the survey, but most of the software is false and we can get it for free if completing a survey, one thing that does not make sense to me.

I have some solutions to get through the survey, but I will not guarantee if this would work for you and your country, according to my experince, this method is quite successful.

Passing Survey With False Information

First : prepare a proxy or by using vpn. You can get a free proxy various countries in

Second : Visit the website to collect fake information.

Third : If you need a fake email that can be used to receive messages, You can activate the generator fakename site. see figure below:

Fourth : Log into the site which provides a survey, then follow the survey by including false identities, this would takes about 1 minute to complete his survey and files can be downloaded .

Thank you for reading my article, if I find an easier way to get through the survey, I will share with you here, good luck.

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